La Bicicletta

There seems to be an endless number of bicycles to photograph in Italy. Some, though, really have it all. Location, color, tone, composition – just sitting there waiting for the perfect photo to be made.

2017-05-18 04.21.21-2.jpg



Menaggio vignettes

Pix from yesterday’s ride to Menaggio. I sat on the inside, so saw more of the villages than the lake. Last mandatory ride up, but have two extra tickets, so will likely use them. There are ferries I can take from there to Bellagio and Varenna -both on my must-see list.

On travelling solo

Monday dinner by the lake with sunset followed by a check in on the swan cygnets. There are five!

P.S. One of the fun things about traveling alone in a foreign country, people don’t know where you’re from until you open your mouth, and even then, they may not be sure if your speaking their language. When I sat down at the table tonight, the waiter said “welcome “? prego “? He was trying to discern if I spoke English or Italian. I simply said Prego. Later a different waiter brought me my check and spoke to me in German. I had to laugh. I spoke back to him in German nice to have that in my back pocket and stay the “mysterious solo woman traveller of Como.”😉 My Italian is getting “good” enough to be able to handle a simple dialogue for ordering food. Yay!

Around Menaggio, Cernobbio and Como

I’m so far behind on everything – but should be able to get caught up as I’m now in Tuscany for 6 weeks and there isn’t nearly as much to photograph in this town – I will be exploring the area though, if all goes as planned. In the meantime – hope you enjoy these pics from mid-May. I got out on to the lake and explored a bit. I have more really beautiful photos to share – hope to put some up each day for you all!

Around Como

From yesterday:

Shots from today. I had the day off of Italian classes and it was really nice to just have some time where I wasn’t jet lagged or trying to figure things out to just enjoy being in the city. I found a place I can hang out it to work during the day. Very happy about that. Today’s pics include food I ate vehicles I saw and more bits and pieces around town. Back to Italian class, tomorrow.

On Brioches

From yesterday:

You better think twice if you decide to get your brioches to go Don’t expect to nibble on them on the way home. They are wrapped up in such a way that you’ll never be able to sneak in a bite on the bus. You’re just gonna have to wait.